Brooks Falls 2016

This year, Jack and I decided to make another trip to Brooks Falls. We heard that reservations for the week we requested were booked within the first 2 minutes of opening. We were lucky enough to get our reservations for the peak week, for the Brooks Falls Campground. So, we packed up our tent, sleeping bags, and camera equipment and headed back to see the bears we had become attached to last year. Our stars from last year were back this year to give us plenty of new and interesting photographs, many of which were very different from last years! This year, Beadnose (409) and Grazer (128) both have cubs. Beadnose had 2 beautiful matching cubs, and Grazer had 3, all totally different. One of her cubs looked like he was the model for all the little teddy bears out there. He was adorable. He's so much smaller than the others, but he's a fighter, never backed down from his siblings and always in the lead, whether climbing the tree or coming back down when all was clear. After watching him a little bit, we realized he was a little scrapper, so that what we started calling him, "Scrapper". There are lots of pictures of Scrapper and the others. Another favorite, Lefty (775) was back, the same character he was last year. He has the most expressive looks and always looks very interested in what's going on. It was another wonderful trip and we took lots and lots of photos (around 27,000). I've tried to narrow mine down, but there are still a lot to see (around 6000)). I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed watching and being near the bears.