Maine 2010

I recently took another Lightchase Photography tour . This one, to the east Maine. We started the trip out with several lighthouses. This first one is called "Bug Light" During our visit, it was fun to watch as the fog moved in and out. A sailboat added to the view.
Another lighthouse, here are a couple photos of Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, South Portland, Maine. There were some beautiful sailboats going by. Situated at the end of a row of flowers is Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse.
Portland Head Lighthouse. We shot this lighthouse our first evening and the following morning for sunrise. Both offered good opportunities. The Owls Head Lighthouse was our next lighthouse.
Our next lighthouse might look a little bit familiar. This lighthouse is the Marshall Point Lighthouse and was in the movie Forrest Gump. After our lighthouse visits, we moved on to Acadia National Park. We were fortunate to have a few moments of light break through at sunrise both days. The color was incredible.
After sunrise, the clouds moved in. We made a quick stop at Jordan Pond and hoped for the best in the light. The wind was blowing so we didn't have much of an opportunity to get reflections but it was a nice little stop.
Our next big opportunity was at Bass Harbor Lighthouse. There were quite a few people around the area so, like normal, I decided to get away from them to shoot my photos. The only place I could get away and keep people out of my shots, was the water! I'm sure those that know me will not be surprised to see where I was shooting from!!
Cadillac Mountain Sunrise. The wind was blowing and it was a little chilly but we did have a few moments of light.
With the beautiful blue sky, it was even more difficult to find a place to shoot, without people in my shot. Several of my fellow photographers were taking turns on a little rock. I noticed that just to the right of them, on the same rock was a little more room. I also noticed why nobody else was taking position there...that side of the rock was a little bit wet...oh well, you know me! I decided that rather than wait for the same position everyone else was taking, I would set up my tripod in that spot...even if I might get a little wet. I was able to get quite a few shots. listening to the water roll up and crash against the rocks. Then all of a sudden, a wave crashed over me. I continued to shoot as the water soaked me! Unfortunately, my camera stopped focusing when water got on my lens. I stayed there for a few more shots (and a few more waves). I was COMPLETELY soaked, from head to toe. A couple of the others on the trip were laughing as the waves crashed over me....until a wave found one of them!!! Hopefully one of them will send me a shot they took of me getting slammed by the wave. When I got finished and headed back to the car, an older gentleman in the parking lot asked me if that water was cold. Then he laughed and said they were watching me as the waves crashed over and he said, "You didn't even just kept shooting!"
Our next stop was to watch a few waves crashing. The water was starting to stir up pretty good.
Pemaquid Point Lighthouse for sunset. We didn't think we were going to get a chance for a good sunset, but then, all of a sudden, the sky started to change colors. Luckily, I was already positioned to get a shot and was able to capture some of nature's beauty. Pemaquid Point Lighthouse has a beautiful marbled rock beach!
Sunset and sunrise, we had a few moments of color. Unfortunately, the sunrise didn't come over the lighthouse so I quickly repositioned to just get a few shots over the water. After the sunrise, I got a few shots of waves crashing, showing the beach up to the lighthouse.
Our day started out at the lighthouse and we were moving on to Mohegan Island. To get there, we had to take an hour long ferry boat to the island. We knew we were in trouble when it was pouring down rain, although we didn't realize how much trouble. When we got on the ferry, the captain and first mate explained all about seasickness, made sure everyone had a "bag" and that it was going to be a rough ride. The waves were high and it was definitely giving us a bumpy ride. At one point, the captain had to turn off the engines and just let us "roll" back into the trough. All that kept running through my mind was the scene from "Perfect Storm". Although I was sitting in the middle of the lower level, with the sides covered with plastic, I was constantly getting hit by waves. I was pretty wet by the time I got to the island. Our little ride was about 1/2 an hour longer than normal. About 1/2 of our group lost their breakfast and the rest of us didn't look too good. That evening, we all just relaxed at the hotel. I don't think anybody was interested in taking any photos that night (and the weather wasn't cooperating either). The next day, we had blue skies. We were all glad to see that since we would be taking the ferry back over to the mainland. My favorite part of the island was the 150 ft cliffs on the back side of the island.
  Back to the Pemaquid Lighthouse for the evening shoot and sunrise the next morning.
Several of the days were overcast so we just spent time looking around and shooting photos at different marinas.
This was my 16th tour with Lightchase Photography. I've seen a lot of beautiful locations, learned a lot about photography and made a lot of friends that make traveling more fun. Looking forward to my next trip!