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Oregon Coast

This year, as I planned to take a photo tour, I found I had missed the deadline for the trips I had originally looked at.  I knew I would be able to find something fun and interesting to go to before the year ended.  Through a link on www.myparkphotos.com,  I found Mark Rasmussen, LightChase Photography    I had admired his photographs since I first saw them on the website.  I followed the link to his personal website and discovered that he ran photo tours to some of the beautiful locations he had photographed.  The same photographs I had enjoyed looking at over the last year.  The more I looked into going on one the tours, the more I looked forward to seeing the Oregon Coast.  I wanted to learn how to take better photographs.  I have never been happier that all the tours I looked into were already booked. Although the locations were beautiful and would provide beautiful photographs, I learned that the real beauty is in the details.  I began to learn the best method for capturing that beauty.  Mark's skill in teaching his techniques made it easy to follow and incorporate into my photography.  Following his tips on using split neutral density filters, I was able to create some beautiful images from the start. I look forward to improving my skills on using these filters.   I have always loved being surrounded by nature, however working with Mark gave me a deeper appreciation for everything I see.  He made me want to get out and look for the details in everything around me.   I received more from the tour than I could have imagined.  I not only learned to take better photographs, I saw some incredible places, and developed what I hope will be a lasting friendship..  This tour was more fun, exciting, and adventurous than I could have ever hoped for and I can't wait to take another one!.

One day of the tour, we drove down to the Jedidiah Smith Redwood Forest, in northern California.  The trees were incredible!