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This November, I took another tour with Lightchase Photography (Mark Rasmussen).   Mark's ability to work with the light and to share his knowledge of capturing that light is incredible.  With Mark's help, I was able to expand my knowledge on the use of graduated neutral density filters.  Throughout the trip, it was obvious how much research and care Mark puts into his tours. Although we covered a lot of territory during our week long tour, we were able to capture some of the most beautiful locations.  After flying to Las Vegas, we drove to our first destination,

Zion National Park..  

For our next location we moved on to Bryce Canyon National Park.  Bryce Canyon National Park is a very unique and beautiful park.


After Bryce Canyon National Park, we moved on to Monument Valley.  Monument Valley brought back memories of all the old John Wayne movies I always love to watch.   If you let your imagination go, you could see yourself back in the old days, alone and riding through the country marveling at the incredible formations.  As the wind blows, the sand forms ripples that adds to the beauty of this countryside.

After Monument Valley, we moved on to Page Arizona and slot canyons.  The slot canyons are amazing.  As we first walked through Upper Antelope Slot Canyon and marveled at the beauty nature had created, we were treated to some beautiful Native American Flute Music.  The combination of the canyon's beauty and the soft sounds echoing through was absolutely incredible.  Mark provided us with the instructions we needed to successfully photograph the slot canyons.   Our trip took an unexpected turn at this time, due to a recent flash flood.  Lower Antelope Slot Canyon was closed due to damage from the flood, and we were unable to go through.  With the change in plans, Mark quickly made other arrangements, to ensure the quality of the tour was not diminished in any way.   We were all treated to a tour of 2 additional slot canyons, along with another chance to photograph Upper Antelope.  The 2 additional canyons were the Walk-thru and Rattlesnake Canyon.   The Walk-thru was beautiful, however, Rattlesnake was fantastic.   Our alternative turned out to be a great experience.   This canyon brought back memories of my spelunking days, climbing around and through the rocks.   Here are a few of my photographs from all the canyons we toured.  I hope my photographs can provide some insight into the beauty of the slot canyons and encourage you to visit them for yourself...I know a great tour guide!!!


After the slot canyons, we made a few quick stops. One was at Horseshoe Bend.   And then Glen Canyon Dam area.

We finished our tour at the most incredible natural wonder....Grand Canyon National Park.   I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, however being there was better than I could have ever imagined.   Although I have seen many beautiful photographs of the Grand Canyon, none can compare to being there.  Upon arrival, we were treated with the sight of some bighorn sheep coming up out of the canyon.   The next day, we found the same group of sheep out on  rocky ledge.   I regretted that I had to leave early, as I would have loved to see more of the Grand Canyon, but one thing I know is that I WILL BE BACK one day and once again try to capture a small percentage of the beauty of the Grand Canyon!